Ratalaika Games

One More Dungeon

One More Dungeon is a first-person shooter roguelike with procedurally generated levels and pixel-art graphics. Being a nameless adventure seeker, your job is to reach the final level deep wi...


Plantera Deluxe

In the world of Plantera Deluxe, you grow your own garden and breed plants and animals to earn coins with their produce. Use the coins to buy new plants and animals, and also special items and g...


Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition

Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition is an old-school beat-'em-up by Rohan Narang that follows the titular Squareboy and his quest for justice! For far too long the Bullies have gone unpunishe...


36 Fragments Of Midnight

This time, Midnight's friends have lost all of their Star Fragments! Your task is to find them and take them back, but it won't be easy. In this procedurally generated platform game, you have...


League Of Evil

League of Evil is an action game where you, as a bionic super agent take on the mission to defeat the League of Evil. Use your acrobatic skills to punch your way through levels filled with deadly ...


I And Me

I and Me is a puzzle platformer. To play the game, you control two cats simultaneously. The two characters will perform exactly the same action. You need to manage both of them at the same time ...

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