Ratalaika Games Developing 0000 And League Of Evil For Nintendo Switch


Ratalaika Games has announced that they will release 0000 and League of Evil on Nintendo Switch, after being allowed to develop for the console.

The developer has promised that each game will be optimised to make use out of the console’s features, with “special work” on the soundtrack that accompanies 0000 that they hope will result in a more immersive experience. That’s core to the game, seeing as players will leap and dodge to tense, rhythmic music, in which you will hear Levi Bond’s glitchy, dry-ice, energetic sounds.

Whereas League of Evil on Nintendo Switch will include a level editor, with players free to create using the touch screen to then share online.

They have more games that they will port to Nintendo Switch later in the year, with more news to be shared in the coming months.

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