PS4 launch sales only slightly outpace Wii U in Japan

Last weekend saw Japan at last get their hands on the PlayStation 4, the launch arriving three months after it first hit retailers across North America.

Japanese magazine Famitsu report that, for the two days remaining for the sales week, Sony could celebrate 322,083 units of their next-gen hardware having been shifted, whereas Media Create indicate that number being lower at 309,154.

This was only marginally higher than Wii U, Nintendo’s console have sold 307,471 units over its launch weekend, showing at least comparatively similar levels of initial anticipation between the two.

There’s another tale to tell regarding the Wii U’s sales lull that followed, although how Sony’s story plays out with the PlayStation 4 in the traditionally handheld-dominated Japan market remains to be seen.

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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  1. I see the WiiU/PS4 console battle to be closely fought. Nintendo has such superior 1st party games it’s not funny. The XBONE will be nowhere.

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