Prove Your Worth In Roguelike Hero On Nintendo Switch

Roguelike Hero Screenshot

X.D. Network and Carrya Tech have revealed that Roguelike Hero will release on Nintendo Switch.

This comedy action game takes inspiration from Stephen Chow’s trolling style, resulting in what promises to be an absurd and laughter-packed experience.
“Heroes in Chinese Swordsman fictions are always righteous, powerful and honorable. That’s too far-fetched,” explains lead producer Shan Jun.

You play as a walk-on actor who continues to struggle to secure a good role. Each stage is an action movie set piece, and, within it, you must use a dirty fighting style to defeat enemies in silly ways to wrap up filming.

The developer has even thrown in weapons and moves to troll your unsuspecting foes, such as a fart counter move and a spit attack – the shoot helping the clownish but brave protagonist’s character growth.
Roguelike Hero will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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