Protect The Afterlife In Skelattack On Nintendo Switch

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Konami Digital Entertainment and Ukuza have announced that Skelattack is now available on Nintendo Switch.

You play as Skully in this quirky 2D action-platformer, who, as a newly deceased member of the Underworld and recent Aftervale resident, is still coming to terms with his death and become a skeleton.

While preparing for his Remembrance to understand who he was in his past life, Skully will fight to protect his home from the humans that seek to steal the Blue Flame, the magic that binds the spirits of the dead.

After Aftervale’s elder skeleton Elzedon is kidnapped, Skully must work with his trusty bat friend Imber to jump, slash and flap their way through the Underworld to rescue the Elder and protect the Blue Flame.

Created with a Tim Burton-inspired art style, you must put Skully and Imber’s abilities to wall slide, fly, jump and attack to overcome the enemies, obstacles and puzzles that you are confronted with.

“Developing Skelattack has been a labour of love for our team at Ukuza, and we are not only thrilled to formally introduce it to the world, but also allow players to experience this unique, platforming adventure right now,” explains Ukuza CEO and founder Shane deLumeau.

“Konami has been an ideal partner in this process as we have been inspired by classic legacy titles such as Castlevania, Contra, and Goemon in our development. We are fortunate to work with such a seasoned team to finally bring Skelattack to life.”

Konami Digital Entertainment senior director of business development and licensing Michael Rajna adds: “We instantly fell in love with Skelattack’s concept, aesthetic, and style and felt this would be a perfect fit for our audience. It is rare that we find such a partner in the Indie Game space but Ukuza proves talent knows no bounds, and we will continue to consider new projects like this in our portfolio moving forward.”

Skelattack is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £15.99 ($19.99).

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