Project Guard Returns As Wii U Exclusive Star Fox Guard


First shown at E3 2014, Nintendo creative fellow and industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Project Guard is now complete and will see release as Wii U exclusive Star Fox Guard.

“Some of you may remember that I showed a game at E3 two years ago that was different from Star Fox. It was called Project Guard,” Miyamoto began. “The game is now complete, and is called Star Fox Guard.”

“Slippy’s uncle Grippy is busy with the job of gathering rare metals in space, but is having trouble being attacked by all kinds of enemies. This is a game where you will use Slippy’s new invention to ward off these enemies.

“The player uses 12 cameras, setting them up in various locations to find and attack the enemies to protect the mining site. There are about 100 missions, but that’s not all.

“You can also edit the placement of the enemies. You can upload these enemy patterns online so others can play your stage. You can play in new ways by collecting rare metals by uploading stages, and also get rare metals by playing other players’ stages. I hope you’ll play Star Fox Guard with people from all around the world.”

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will release exclusively for Wii U in Europe and North America on April 22nd.

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