PowerA To Release GameCube-Style Nintendo Switch Wired Controller

PowerA GameCube Controller Nintendo Switch

PowerA will soon release an officially licensed Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch with a design that will be strikingly familiar to those that spent many hours playing GameCube games.

The peripheral manufacturer has shown strong support for the portable home console with their Wired Controller and Wired Controller PLUS, and now, thanks to Reddit user Mew_The_Creator discovering mocked up boxes in Walmart facility, we can see what their next plans are.

“Nintendo sent them to our facility to produce product layout for stores so the actual controllers aren’t in there, but the product is confirmed,” they further explained.

With a button layout that matches the classic GameCube controller, we can see on the box that the only real difference has been to add the HOME, Capture, Plus and Minus Buttons, as well as, perhaps, to the triggers to allow for the L, ZL, R and ZR Buttons – although that can’t be seen so clearly on the box.

Mew_The_Creator has also revealed that PowerA will release more Super Mario-themed Wired Controller and Wireless Controller designs, and, given the proximity to E3 2018, we are likely to learn more next week.

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