Pokkén Tournament Update Version 1.1 Now Available


Nintendo has pushed live a minor software update for Pokkén Tournament, seeing the Wii U exclusive now sat at Version 1.1.

For those that have seen their copies arrive early, this will either begin downloading when you attempt to start the game or by Automatic Downloads if activated. It is required to access the brawler’s online multiplayer mode, and, to download, you must have at least 370MB of free space available on either the internal memory or an external hard drive.

We enjoyed pummelling hours in Pokkén Tournament, concluding in our review: “Pokkén Tournament is an absolute blast to play, being simple to learn but tricky to master. There’s a risk that longevity won’t be found in the single player content beyond the Ferrum League, but it is in multiplayer that the Wii U exclusive has definite potential.

“And I can say that after having spent hours in it, even with my lowly mortal friend being at the receiving end of one too many defeats. That we have both continued to sink in more time speaks volumes, and, as we celebrate it being 20 years since Pokémon first launched, this new experience is one that I hope The Pokémon Company continue to build on.”

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