Pokémon X & Y Online Competition schedule detailed until Autumn

If you were worried that the arrival of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire later in the year would signal that the competitive experience in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y would die down, fear not.

The Pokémon Company International have signalled their plans running through to the autumn, seeing several Online Competitions for players to engage in. With some events rewarding top players with Championship Points, which count toward invitations to the 2014 Pokémon World Championships taking place August 16–17 in Washington, DC.

The upcoming schedule is as follows:

May 16–18th: 2014 International Challenge May [Registration is closed]

June 6–8th: Think Fast Competition: Single Battle
Each round is limited to one 10-minute Single Battle, with a 30-second preview of the opponent’s Pokémon and 15 seconds to choose a move each turn.

Late June: 2014 International Challenge June

July: Eevee Friendly Match [Name TBD]
Only Eevee and its many evolved forms can participate in the Eevee Friendly Match, with the Rotation Battle format adds a fun component to this competition.

July: All Star Battle [Name TBD]
The July All Star Battle will use the Double Battle format. Up to two Legendary and Mythical Pokémon can be included on a team, a rare occurrence in Pokémon Online Competitions!

August: Think Fast Competition: Double Battle
In August, the Think Fast Competition: Double Battle will require players to go into battle without seeing a preview of their opponent’s Pokémon team, and each player can have only one Pokémon in reserve, for a total of three Pokémon per side in each battle.

Autumn: Fairy-type Cup [Name TBD]
Look forward to the Fairy-type Cup this fall, a competition where entry will be limited to Fairy-type Pokémon. The battle format is to be determined.

Autumn: Halloween Party
In a special competition for the Halloween season, the Halloween Party [Name TBD] will have a special Single Battle competition for Ghost-type Pokémon only. Also, every contestant’s Battle Box must include Gourgeist!

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