Pokémon Tretta receives debut trailer

pokemon tretta

The Pokémon Company International have unveiled a debut trailer for Pokémon Tretta, an arcade machine game in development by Marvelous AQL.

Costing a 100 yen coin to play, it sees players hunt for Pokémon silhouettes across grass plains, wetlands and other areas.

Once discovered, the game then switched to a Battle Mode, in which you are able to call out three Pokémon by small Tretta cards, which have images of the creatures on them.

Such battles are three-on-three, and if you win you may throw a Pokéball in an effort to capture the wild Pokémon that you stumbled upon. If successful, you’ll receive a Tretta as your reward.

It’s currently playable in Japan, although seems unlikely that it’ll ever make its way westward.

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