Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket Announced

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The Pokémon Company has announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket for mobile devices. Creatures Inc. and DeNA are behind this project.

“This game lets you easily collect Pokémon cards, which players all over the world have enjoyed since they debuted in 1996 but in a new digital format,” explains The Pokémon Company chief operating officer Takato Utsunomiya.

“The Pokémon Company is developing this game as a three-party collaboration with Creatures Inc., the creators of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and DeNA, our partners in the development of Pokémon Masters EX.”

Creatures Inc. president and CEO Yuji Kitano adds: “I’d like to start by thanking everyone for enjoying the Pokémon Trading Card Game. With Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, we hope to bring you all a new way to enjoy the Pokémon Trading Card Game, so we are hard at work developing digital cards.

“When we develop physical cards, we strive to please by taking great care with our paper quality, colours and printing process. Since this game uses mobile devices rather than paper, we’re challenging ourselves to express that care in new ways that are only possibly digitally – such as using the characteristics of the screen to show off brilliant colours and stylish effects.

“One way we are accomplishing this is with ‘immersive cards,’ which give players the experience of leaping into the world of the card illustration. What’s more, we’ve developed new streamlined game rules based on our existing battle system so you can enjoy a quick battle during the free moments in your day.

“Our three companies are all working hard to deliver a fun experience for those of you who already enjoy the Pokémon Trading Card Game, as well as those who’ve never played before. We hope you look forward to the results of our latest efforts in the world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket!”

Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket will be released on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices in 2024.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket Trailer

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