Pokémon Rumble World passwords continue with Doublade and Klefki


The Pokémon Company continue to share passwords for free-to-start Pokémon Rumble World, after beginning their distribution with Pancham and Smeargle last week.

Doublade and Klefki are up next and, as Serebii reported before, these will help you collect all 719 Toy Pokémon available – but may only be redeemed when you have an Adventure Rank of 4 or higher.

North America
– Doublade: 27418406
– Klefki: 92955036

– Doublade: 17428954
– Klefki: 37760163

We were fairly positive within our Pokémon Rumble World review, concluding: “It’s unlikely that Pokémon newcomers will stick it out to catch them all, thanks in part to the balloon mechanics and eventual grind, which without such complication would have inevitably achieved the opposite. It does feel like the free-to-start model holds Rumble World back, and while 100 percent completion is perfectly doable without paying a penny it certainly feels like an expectation when you reach the higher ranks and levels.”

Pokémon Rumble World is now available for free exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

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