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The Wonder Mail system makes a return in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a mechanism that rewards you with free content such as items, Special Requests and Technical Machines (TMs).

After selecting the Wonder Mail option on the main menu screen, you will soon discover that this feature uses eight-digit codes that you enter with button or touch screen input.

Once entered correctly, these present you with the opportunity for your Pokémon to learn powerful new moves, items to help you survive your dungeon adventures and even Special Request rescue missions that will reward you with new Pokémon to welcome to your team.

The items that you receive will be sent straight to your storage, meaning that you will need to make a trip to Kangaskhan Storage in Pokémon Square to retrieve them.

Wonder Mail TM Password Codes

  • 1 Brutal Swing TM:  XNY8 PK40
  • 1 Bulldoze TM: PFXQPCN3
  • 1 Energy Ball TM: N0R7K93R
  • 1 Flamethrower TM: P5R9411S
  • 1 Focus Blast TM:  78SH 6463
  • 1 Ice Beam TM:  XMK5 JQQM
  • 1 Leech Life TM: 3TY1XW99
  • 1 Shadow Ball TM: 90P7CQP9
  • 1 Smart Strike TM: W95R 91XT
  • 1 Thunderbolt TM: R13R6XY0
  • 1 Waterfall TM: JR41 13QS

Wonder Mail Special Job Request Password Codes

  • Beautifly’s Special Request: CNTSN2F1
  • Chingling’s Special Request: R6T1XSH5
  • Clefairy’s Special Request: 8TT498W8
  • Dragonair’s Special Request: HK5R3N47
  • Larvitar’s Special Request: 5JSMNWF0
  • Mantyke’s Special Request: MF0K5CCN
  • Mareep’s Special Request: 991Y5K47
  • Misdreavus’s Special Request: 5K0K0K2K
  • Rhyhorn’s Special Request: R8Y48QXR
  • Roselia’s Special Request: K762CJWF
  • Sableye’s Special Request: 91SR2H5J
  • Smoochum’s Special Request: 92JMR48W
  • Togetic‘s Special Request: MHJR625M
  • Slowbro‘s Special Request: 6Y6S NWHF
  • Wailmer‘s Special Request: 0R5H 76XQ

Wonder Mail Item Password Codes

  • Apple Bundle (18 Apple): 5JSK 2CMC
  • Attack Move Pack (3 Power Drink and 3 Rainbow Gummi): WCJT 275J
  • Barrier Gift (3 Foe-Hold Orb and 3 Foe-Seal Orb): Y6493N3S
  • Blue Pouch (3 Accuracy Drink and 3 Calcium): 90P78R96
  • Boss Battle Set (2 All Dodge Orb, 2 All Power-Up Orb and 2 All Protect Orb): SK5P 778R
  • Brawl Gift (5 Quick Orb and 5 Slow Orb): CFSH962H
  • Cacnea Collection (120 Cacnea Spike): 45QSPHF4
  • Corsola Collection (120 Corsola Twig): JT3MQY79
  • Expedition Gift (5 See-Trap Orb and 5 Trapbust Orb): 0MN2F0CN
  • Friendly Set (3 Inviting Orb, 3 Rare Quality Orb and 1 Wigglytuff Orb): QXW5MMN1
  • Full Belly Set (5 Apple and 3 Perfect Apple): 1Y5K0K1S
  • Gift from Cacnea (120 Cacnea Spike): SH8XMF1T
  • Gift from Corsola (120 Corsola Twig): 3TWJMK2C
  • Gift from Graveler (40 Gravelrock, 40 Geo Pebble and 20 Golden Fossil): 8QXR93P5
  • Green Pouch (3 Max Elixir and 3 PP-Up Drink): 776SJWJS
  • Handy Berry Set (5 Cheri Berry, 5 Pecha Berry and 2 Tiny Reviver Seed): 5JMPH7K5
  • Happy Letter (3 Joy Seed): SR0K5QR9
  • Hard Times Set (3 Helper Orb and 2 Revive All Orb): SFSJWK0H
  • HP Recovery Set (10 Oran Berry, 1 Reviver Seed and 1 Sitrus Berry): FSHH6SR0
  • Hungry Set (5 Apple and 5 Big Apple): N3QW5JSK
  • Lovely Gummi Assortment (1 DX Gummi and 3 Rainbow Gummi): XMK95K49
  • Lovely Seed Set (3 Heal Seed and 2 Tiny Reviver Seed): H8PJTWF2
  • Magic Boost Set (2 Calcium and 2 Zinc): K0FXWK7J
  • Magical Ribbon Set (1 Gold Ribbon, 1 Special Band and 1 Zinc Band): 95R1W6SJ
  • Max Ether Bundle (18 Max Ether): 6XT1XP98
  • Monster House Provisions (2 One-Shot Orb, 3 Petrify Orb and 3 Spurn Orb): NY7JP8QM
  • Move Stamina Pack (3 PP-Up Drink and 3 Rainbow Gummi): Y490CJMR
  • Move Strengthening Set (2 Accuracy Drink, 2 Power Drink and 2 PP-Up Drink): XT498SP7
  • Move Technique Pack (3 Accuracy Drink and 3 Rainbow Gummi): 6XWHH7JM
  • Oran Berry Bundle (18 Oran Berry): R9945PCN
  • Physical Boost Set (2 Carbos and 2 Life Seed): 0R7910P7
  • Power Boost Set (2 Iron and 2 Protein): JY3XQW5C
  • Powerful Ribbon Set (1 Defense Scarf, 1 Gold Ribbon and 1 Power Band): 25QQTSCR
  • PP Filling Set (2 Max Elixir and 5 Max Ether): SJP7642C
  • Predicament Gift (5 Slumber Orb and 5 Totter Orb): 7FW627CK
  • Rainbow Gummi Assortment (6 Rainbow Gummi): SN3XQSFW
  • Red Pouch (3 Iron and 3 Power Drink): MCCH6XY6
  • Relief Gift (5 Cleanse Orb and 5 Health Orb): TY26446X
  • Reviver Seed Set (1 Revive All Orb, 2 Reviver Seed and 5 Tiny Reviver Seed): 5PJQMCCJ
  • Safety Set (3 Escape Orb, 1 Revive All Orb and 3 Rollcall Orb): 3XNSQMQX
  • Special Gummi Sample (2 DX Gummi): H6W7K262
  • Strong-Foe Resistance Gift (10 Stun Seed, 3 Tiny Reviver Seed and 3 Violent Seed): 47K2K5R3
  • Support Gift (10 Evasion Orb): WJNTY478
  • Technical Ribbon Set (1 Gold Ribbon and 1 Mach Ribbon): CMQMFXW6
  • Tough Battling Set (3 All Dodge Orb and 3 All Power-Up Orb): H5FY948M
  • Training Set (3 Bronze Dojo Ticket, 1 Gold Ticket and 2 Silver Dojo Ticket): Y9911412
  • Useful Berry Set (5 Chesto Berry, 5 Rawst Berry and 2 Tiny Reviver Seed): 3R62CR63
  • Voluminous Set (5 See-Trap Orb, 2 Storage Orb and 2 Trawl Orb): 961WF0MN

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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