Pokémon GO Update Version 0.63.4 Now Available On Android


Niantic has released a minor oftware update for Pokémon GO on Android, which brings the location-based game to version 0.63.4.

This simply rolls out bug fixes, although the developer has not specified what in particular has been addressed.

Version 0.59.1 introduced a chance for players to be rewarded with a random Evolution item when they achieve a 7-day First PokéStop of the Day streak, a particular help after the wider Version 0.57.2 update that introduced 80 new Pokémon that were first discovered in the Johto region, gender-specific Pokémon, a new night-mode map, new Berries, new encounter mechanics, new avatar outfits and accessories, and bonus Candies for catching Evolved Pokémon.

Changes Made In Pokémon GO Update Version 0.63.4

  • Bug fixes.
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