Pokémon GO Gyms Will Soon Close For “Remodelling”


Niantic has announced that Gyms in Pokémon GO will soon close temporarily for remodelling.

Their early warning came to allow players enough time to collect their Defender bonus, as any Pokémon that have been placed in Gyms will be returned.

“Heads Up: Gyms will soon be closing temporarily for remodelling,” Niantic announced. “Any Pokémon you’ve assigned to Gyms will be returned to you at that time.”

Then, when word soon started to spread, the developer added on Reddit: “As we get ready to update Pokémon GO, we want to ensure that Trainers have a sufficient heads up that Gyms will soon be disabled so that they can collect their Defender bonus. We will provide updates on our social channels in advance of Gyms closing in-game.”

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