Pokémon GO Coming To Apple Watch


At the Apple Special Event, Niantic CEO John Hanke announced that Pokémon GO will see release on Apple Watch.

This will compliment the augmented reality app on iPhone, tracking the distance that you have walked in order to help players hatch Eggs. You won’t be able to trace your adventure on a live map, but alerts will prompt players when Pokémon appear nearby.

Players can then choose to open the app to catch the Pokémon, or carry on wandering in search of something that isn’t Pidgey. On Apple Watch you can still interact with PokéStops letting you collect items and experience, with a bar showing how far you are off levelling up.

“As you know, Pokémon GO is about blending gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world around you,” Niantic later shared. “Apple Watch will add a seamless way to interact with the game through easy trackers, haptic notifications and quick taps to keep playing.

“Additionally, the Pokémon GO app for Apple Watch encourages workouts with summaries of your activity, which fits in nicely both with Niantic’s mission to get you moving as well as with the way many people already use their Apple Watch. Pokémon GO will come to Apple Watch later in the year so stay tuned.”

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