Pokémon Day 2023 Celebrates the Spirit of Connectivity

Pokémon Day 2023 Logo

The Pokémon Company International has launched a Pokémon Together campaign to celebrate Pokémon Day as it approaches on Monday 27th February 2023.

This marks the date when Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green were first launched in Japan way back in 1996, introducing the world to the concept of battling and trading pocket monsters by connecting their Game Boy systems.

Now a day when players around the world come together to celebrate their love for the brand, The Pokémon Company International wants to celebrate “the original and enduring spirit of connectivity” that began with the first games by inviting you to “Pokémon Together” throughout this year.

To start the campaign, they are inviting you to post photos and videos that showcase your love for the franchise and your favourite memories on social media. Posts tagged with #PokemonTogether will have the chance to be aggregated into a mosaic in the style of the iconic Poké Ball that will be revealed on Pokémon Day.

#PokemonTogether testimonials from members of the global fan community will also be shared through the official @PokemonNewsUK social media channels, hoping to inspire you to share your own submissions about how much the brand means to you.

“Since its beginning, Pokémon has had the unique ability of physically and virtually bringing people together,” explains Andy Hartpence, senior director of brand marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “In 2023, we look forward to recognizing this aspect of the brand and inviting its remarkable community of fans to experience the many ways they can connect and ‘Pokémon Together’ across the franchise. We welcome Trainers to Play-, Discover-, Watch-, Collect-, Trade-, and beginning this Pokémon Day, Celebrate Pokémon Together.”

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