Pokémon Art Academy contest could see your art on a Pokémon TCG card


The Pokémon Company International have announced an International Pokémon Art Academy Contest, allowing aspiring illustrators the chance to have their artistic talents appear on their very own Pokémon Trading Card Game card.

This will run between 18th February (00:01 GMT) – 29th March 2015 (23:59 GMT), after which the winners will be revealed in May 2015. Six winners will be selected by a journey comprising of the Pokémon universe’s creators, each receiving 100 cards that feature their winning image – although these won’t be made available for sale, nor can they be used in Play! Pokémon officially sanctioned organised play events.

There are two categories to enter, Dress-Up Pikachu and My Favourite Pokémon, with a full rundown of details regarding participating as follows:

Dress-Up Pikachu
Inspired by the special Cosplay Pikachu, which can be discovered in the recently launched Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire video games, this category gives entrants the chance to play fashion designer and create their very own Pikachu outfit!

My Favourite Pokémon
This category gives entrants the chance to submit their own artistic impressions of a favourite Pokémon, which they can do using the Free Paint mode of Pokémon Art Academy. So, if Snorlax awakens an inner Leonardo da Vinci, or Rayquaza gets fans painting with flying colours, then this is their perfect category!

Important Note on Regions
There will be three winners in each category across the participating countries. The following countries are included:
* Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and Russia.

The following country is excluded:
* Italy (Please contact The Pokémon Company International for further details)

For details on USA, Canada, and Mexico participation please visit the official website.

How to Enter the Pokémon Art Academy Competition
* Create and save an image in Pokémon Art Academy using Free Paint mode.
* Select the “Share” option from Pokémon Art Academy’s main menu and connect to the Miiverse.
* Select the “Post to Competition” option and agree to the Terms of Use.
* Highlight the category you’d like to enter and then choose “Select Competition”. Only the first post you make will be recognised as your entry.
* Slide over the image and select it and then choose “Share Selected”.
* Enter a comment (if you would like to) and then select “Post”. The image will be posted to the Miiverse Community and entered into the competition.
* The only way to enter the competition directly is from the Pokémon Art Academy game, available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems.

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