Playtox: HTML5 gaming could disrupt the industry

Russian browser-game publisher Playtox have shared their belief that HTML5 gaming has the potential to disrupt the industry.

The browser toolset, for those unaware, is supported by the Nintendo Web Framework, which is being used to aid independent developers with creating games for the Wii U.

“It is important to understand current limitations but also to keep track of on-going disruptions, co-founder and COO Dmitry Sergeev explained to Pocket Gamer, asked as to the importance of HTML5 to the studio’s future games.

“As devices get more computing power, telcos invest in faster networks. At the same time browser companies like Opera, Firefox, Google and Nokia invest into driving future disruption.

He continues, “We are confident that the market for MMO browsable games will continue to expand, as easier access will enable more people to discover new games.

“For the users it’s as easy as surfing the web, no download or updates required. Switching device is also not a problem, just open up a browser and seamlessly continue your gameplay.”

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