Pixel Action RPG Anuchard Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Anuchard Logo

Freedom Games and stellarNull have announced that Anuchard will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

In this “civilization restoration action RPG,” a quaint farming village called Orchard is slowly crumbling. Its citizens have been lost to the mysterious underground dungeons that lie underneath it, and, as the population dwindles, those that remain place their hopes in a legend that prophecise a dauntless hero who is destined to wield the powerful Audros Bell.

You will emerge as a Bellwielder, taking on the noble duty to restore Orchard’s lost souls that have been trapped underground. The fallen Bell Spirits will be your guide, as you swing the Audros Bell to knock back monsters and release the souls that they have claimed.

Environmental elements can be hurled to expose weaknesses, and the bosses that you topple will release crystalised spirits of ruined adventurers. Returning to town after each run will let you help rebuild the village by returning key members back to the community, such as chefs, farmers, herbalists and other specialists.

“Anuchard is a clear nod to old-school PS1 RPGs, authentically showcased in nostalgic favorites of the 90s titles like Legend of Mana and Soul Blazer,” explains stellarNull designer Rico Lemba. “I’ve wanted to create this dynamic top-down dungeon crawling experience packed with action for some time. The depths of Orchard’s secrets will finally be revealed next month!”

Anuchard will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 21st April 2022.

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