Pinball-Platformer Family Tree Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Family Tree Logo

eastasiasoft and Infinite State Games have announced that Family Tree will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

In this “fruity action ballistics puzzle-platformer,” after Pedro, an evil drum ‘n’ bass-loving sugar skull, kidnaps their babies in a wormhole, Mr and Mrs Fruits must find them in the forest and return them safely back home.

Controlling either Mr or Mrs Fruits, you aim a ballistic arc that will show your projected trajectory before making your jumps and landing.

Each level starts beneath a tree, with your objective to find the goal and collecting as much fruit as you can while avoiding enemies and obstacles. The fruit that you collect will then turn back into fruit-babies.

“Family Tree is a quirky and colorful action-puzzle platformer that’s guaranteed to make you smile,” explains Infinite State Games creative director Mike Daw.

“It’s a glorious cornucopia of hand-crafted content designed to give players a feeling of sugar-rush exhilaration while remaining a mellow paced experience for all ages and skill levels.

“There’s 128 goofy levels, 32 bonus stages, a 1-4 player endless party mode plus a bangin’ ISG soundtrack featuring dub, drum ‘n bass and acid house vibes.”

Family Tree will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 10th priced at £6.99 ($7.99), with a 20 percent launch discount available until October 23rd.

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