Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3DS HOME Menu themes now available


Capcom have chosen to temporarily discount Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Nintendo eShop, however there was more reason to do so than first appeared.

The publisher has released four 3DS HOME Menu themes that take inspiration from the series, that are matched with the iconic melodies that accompany it. These largely draw on the courtroom drama’s illustrious characters, and the Mood Matrix program that Athena Cykes uses in Dual Destinies.

Court Record – $1.99
Let the court record show that this Dual Destinies Court Record theme is rad!

Main Characters – $1.99
We trust no Ace Attorney fan will “OBJECT” to this lovely Ace Attorney Trilogy Main Characters theme, which lets you scroll through glorious art of all your favourite characters from the series.

Mood Matrix – $1.99
The Mood Matrix makes it real! This Dual Destinies Mood Matrix theme fits ANY mood, as long as you’re a hot-blooded Ace fan!

Pixel Art – $1.99
The Ace Attorney Trilogy Pixel Art theme is Ace Attorney like you’ve never seen it before, and it’s irresistible! Just look at it! Look at it!

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