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The Arcade Crew and Ishtar Games have announced that their tactical RPG The Last Spell will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

War has ravaged the land for decades. In a desperate move to end it, the mages provoked The Cataclysm – conjuring balls of pure magic that obliterated nearly everything. However, it left behind a strange purple mist that those who entered it were said to be killed, driven mad or worse.

There are only a few Havens that keep up the fight against the monstrous hordes that come out at night from the mist. The strained heroes that remain to protect the walls each night must hold out until a handful of mages manage to cast The Last Spell, and banish all magic from the accursed world.

In this tactical RPG with roguelite elements, during the daytime, you will have to carefully choose how to rebuild your city and position your defences – whether that be prioritising buying a new flaming sword or building a Mana Well to regenerate your supply after a battle. And then at night, you will have to eliminate the monsters rampaging towards your walls with the weapons and powers at your disposal.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Turn-Based Tactical RPG
    • The whole RPG package: primary stats, secondary stats, skills, perks, traits… and more.
    • Build your own classes: upgrade your heroes with stat bonuses and perks. Want to make a canon glass rogue/mage fighting with a gun? Do it!
    • Tons of procedurally generated trinkets, armor and weapons, each with their own skillset and playstyle!
    • Manage your squad of heroes: they’re strong, but they are few and they have access to limited resources. Healing is rare, so try to find a good balance.
  • Hordes of Evil
    • Waves of hundreds of enemies to slay, burn, shock and slice! Don’t get overwhelmed.
    • Dozens of enemy types with different behaviours, which will get stronger and stronger as you progress.
    • Think and adapt: you have to deal with A LOT of enemies, so you want to optimize your damage output with strong AOE attacks. Enemies have various strength and weaknesses that will challenge your wits.
  • Protect the City
    • Rebuild the city to help you between fights. Get healed, get items, get new heroes. Spend your resources wisely!
    • Build up your defenses: walls, traps, towers, catapults… every bit of help is welcomed.
    • Protect the circle of magic at all costs! If you lose it, it’s game over.
  • Roguelite Elements
    • The game is meant to be hard. You will fail… but every time you do, you’ll grow stronger.
    • Procedurally generated Enemy waves, characters, weapons and a ton of unlockables will keep you entertained.
    • A full range of difficulty levels to entertain the craziest hardcore players.

The Last Spell will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2023.

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