Penny’s Big Breakaway Receives Animated Trailer

Penny’s Big Breakaway Animated Screenshot

Private Division and Evening Star have shared an animated trailer for Penny’s Big Breakaway, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The trailer introduces the game’s five bosses that you will encounter – Sailor Sheila, Mr. Q, The Taboo Artist, Judge Rufus and Emperor Eddie – as you explore each world.

In this colourful adventure, you play as aspiring court performer Penny who is on the run after her yo-yo created quite the commotion during her audition at the royal palace. Eddie the Emperor has commanded his loyal penguin forces to capture Penny and her stringed companion, Yo-Yo.

You must swing, dash, flip, zip and trick your way through challenging levels to make your escape through 12 vibrant, geometric worlds. Promising “non-stop action,” penguins will burst from walls, rush over cliffs and attempt to dogpile you in an effort to stop your progress.

Maintaining your momentum will be important, as, alongside the Story Mode, there is a Time Attack Mode in which you can try and achieve the perfect run and set high scores on the leaderboard for the world to see.

Penny’s Big Breakaway will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2024.

Penny’s Big Breakaway – Official Animated Trailer

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