Pandora’s Tower receives further Gameplay Trailer


A second trailer for Nintendo’s Wii action-RPG, Pandora’s Tower, has been released through the Everyones’ Nintendo Channel across Japan today.

Within the trailer, following some initial chanting, we hear Graiai, the merchant, explaining to central character Ende that he must make his friend Ceres eat beast flesh to alleviate the curse that is slowly turning her into a monster.

Plenty of gameplay action follows, with Ende utilising the chain to navigate his way through stages as well as being used to collect beast meat. We then see Ceres forced to eat the meat that Ende collects for her, which is particularly troublesome not only because it’s raw but also due to the fact that apparently her character’s a vegetarian!

Pandora’s Tower is due to release on May 26th for Wii across Japan, with no word on a planned western release.

[Thanks, Andriasang]
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