Paint The Grid In Piczle Colors On Nintendo Switch

Piczle Colors Screenshot

Rainy Frog and Score Studios have announced that Piczle Colors will release on Nintendo Switch, challenging you to exercise your brain in new ways.

The inventive professor Matrix has created a paint, Piczle Paint 3000, that can drain the colour from anything it covers. However, his inventions, including this one, are not safe in the hands of Score-chan.

After she inevitably mishandles the Piczle Paint 3000, you must help her and Gig undo the chaos that they have caused. And, then there is Dbug the cat, who is naturally more concerned with cat matters.

You will look at the numbers next and above to each row and column for hints as to how many blocks of each colour you must paint. Eventually, as you paint the whole grid, you will reveal an image.

Piczle Colors will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Winter 2018.

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