Pachter: Wii U third-party support “very light so far”

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Wedbush Morgan Securities video games analyst Michael Pachter has commented that third-party support for Wii U is “very light so far”.

He seems to forget, though, that Nintendo seemingly have an NDA in place that is preventing third-party announcements until their new home console’s grand unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.

“I think ‘same’ power level is probably right, as it doesn’t make sense to ask third parties to do something significantly differently for the Wii U than for the 360 or PS3”, Pachter discussed with Games Industry International, responding to recent rumours. “The price sounds right to me as well.”

However he predicts long-term trouble, with the impending arrival of the new Xbox and PlayStation rumoured to vastly out power Nintendo’s new console.

“If that is right, the Wii U will have limited appeal, and ‘Xbots’ and Sony fanboys will just wait for the upgrades to their favorite systems”, he continued. “I really think the key is third party support, and from what I’m hearing, it is very light so far. Nintendo will be all right, they have a ton of cash, but I don’t think they will get to the sales levels they are accustomed to with this device. I’m most interested in third-party support, and we should get an idea of that at E3.”

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