Pachter: Nintendo “going to continue to fade” unless they release Wii HD


Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has once again called for Nintendo to release a Wii HD, stating that the company will “continue to fade” unless they release one – even going as far as stating that he remained surprised that they haven’t done so already.

“They created a high class problem in ’07, ’08, ’09 by selling an unprecedented number of boxes, and I think it’s just catching up on them,” Pachter explained. “So, I don’t think it is a bad thing that sales are down. I don’t think they were sustainable at that level, they more rapidly satisfied demand for the Wii than any console in history and I think demand is just tailing off to something much more normal.

“You know frankly, the box isn’t as powerful and anybody who has an HDtv has to think twice about buying a Wii when they can get a 360 or PS3 for not much more.”

Then, he delivered a death toll…

“I think Nintendo is kind of going to continue to fade unless they decide to refresh the box, and as we all know that Wii HD should be coming out next month…”

Later, Pachter revealed his thoughts that Nintendo CEO and President Satoru Iwata should take inspiration from Steve Jobs and Apple who “take the best in class right now, and just iterate it slightly more.” In such regard Pachter reveals that he feels Nintendo feel the need to innovate all the time with each product they release, yet should instead simply update what they currently offer.

According to Pachter, Nintendo should take Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as its best in class, copying a similar spec with a new Wii system that includes a HDD, offers the same graphical power, enhanced wi-fi connection and output in high-definition.

Sounds good to us, yet what are your thoughts? Should Nintendo release an updated Wii system?

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  1. i really like this pachter guy. you just have to follow his instructions of what to do or think and head in exactly the opposite direction and you’re a going to be a successful man!

  2. It’s amazing!
    When this guy will understand that Nintendo does not follow
    standard protocols of the competitors. Do not create anything
    that was simple and predictable, if Nintendo is not
    able to innovate will never launch a new hardware.


  3. Pachter is intelligent when it comes to the bottom line but his lack of understanding of Nintendo’s philosophy is so very apparent. Let Nintendo be Nintendo. They’ll release new stuff when they feel it’s ready.

  4. It would be nice but one thing people always forget to remember when discussing about Wii graphics is, who is its mass audience?

    Xbox 360 and PS3 users tend to want to see the blood of the recently beheaded victim streaming down their characters face and the veins huge games with stellar graphics. where as the majority of Wii users play tennis and casual games like harvest moon and animal crossing and the most advance being Mario and Zelda.

    Yes there are hardcore gamers with a Wii, I personally own all 3 “next gen” consoles myself and I enjoy them each for what they are made for. I do completely agree on the HDD though but the need to boost the graphics is not really that great. I never really hear people complain about it and thats because the majority of the games for it do not require HD. It would be nice yes but not needed and would just be an added expense.

    I guess this is just a case of having one but wanting two.

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