Pac-Man reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. chomps in


Palutena, Mii Fighter and now Pac-Man. Super Smash Bros. has had a fairly large role to play as part of Nintendo’s E3 2014 plans, and the announcement that Namco Bandai’s iconic creation has joined the challenger list continues that.

Announced during today’s Super Smash Bros. Developer Roundtable, Nintendo have now shared the “Red, Blue, Yellow” reveal trailer in which Pac-Man hungers for battle. With a quirky moveset, Pac-Man entering the fray has been rumoured for months. More intriguing is an appearance by Mr. Game & Watch at the end, in which it is mentioned that the character pre-dates Mario and Donkey Kong by a year.

We’ll take this as indication that he will return as a playable character, although will obviously need to await an official reveal down the line.


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