Oxygene Media announce Fit Music for Wii U

Oxygene Media have announced plans to release Fit Music on Wii U, which is set to release by the end of the year.

It stars “European Champion of Fitness” Patrizia Salviato, who also designed the game’s training programs, as well as a nutrition-based recreational activity that was designed based upon advice given by the Human Health Foundation’s Professor Antonio Giordano.

Activities are geared toward working all muscles together, obtaining complete toning through exercises all set to be completed to the rhythm of the accompanying music. Warm up exercises lead in to extensive training phase, with the music’s tempo defining the level of difficulty.

Fit Music will release for Wii U later this year.

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  1. This game seems to be a very powerful and useful instrument for workout and have fun with soundtrack!

    Very nice to see the real coach in the game! Is like to have your personal trainer at home…

    Scientists that supervised the game are surely a guarantee 🙂

  2. The personal teacher is a pretty blonde! 😀

    I read that she is a European fitness champion, so the game could be very interesting for exercise. I’d like to know more about this title.

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