Ono: Nintendo 3DS can run Resident Evil 5

residentevil5 1

There certainly seems to be a lot of praise for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld, yet the producer for the Street Fighter series, Yoshinori Ono, has revealed that Capcom have shown him a Resident Evil 5 build running on the system – truly demonstrating the potential power of the hardware.

“The first time I had any kind of contact with the 3DS was shortly before E3 of last year. A couple of weeks before the show I got a call from [Capcom producer] Takeuchi-san, and he said he had something he wanted me to see,” Ono explained, during an interview with Games Radar. “So I traveled to Osaka, and he whipped out a 3DS, and it was running a version of Resident Evil 5! And yes I was surprised we could get this kind of power in the palm of your hand, and 3D to boot.”

He continues, “It was almost time for me to go on vacation, part of Japan’s Golden Week series of holidays, but I was inspired to do something new. We started experimenting with the 3DS, threw together a quick build of SSFIV in a couple of weeks and invited Nintendo to come see it. They liked what they saw so much that they wanted to show it at E3 – I wasn’t really feeling that because it wasn’t terribly stable at the time, though I did give them a couple of screens and permission to talk about the game. But yeah, it was very surprising, just how powerful this little machine is.”

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