Official Eidos Montréal merchandise store launches


If you’ve been looking to purchase official merchandise for games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution then you’re in luck, with Eidos-Montréal having now launched their very own online store.

Created in partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores, it provides a one-stop shop at which fans can buy branded merchandise such as hats, hoodies, official soundtracks and exclusive art books. That includes the jacket that inspired that worn by Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen, or a glass plucked from Thief’s Crippled Burrick Pub.

“We’re excited to give our fans access to exclusive merchandise that they can only find at Eidos Montréal’s new store”, comments studio head David Anfossi.

“We’ve worked closely with Treehouse, known for its innovative product design, global distribution and excellent customer service, to create a best-in-class online retail experience that will carry everything from collectibles to apparel to limited edition art, with new offerings being added on an ongoing basis”.

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