Octolings are an Elite Corps that will take you on in Splatoon


Details continue to slowly trickle out for Wii U exclusive Splatoon, with Nintendo having today revealed Octolings as a new enemy type.

Having the same squid powers as the player-controlled Inklings, they can switch between octopus and humanoid forms and are similarly equipped with the same weaponry as you can wield.

“These Octarian fighters were discovered a while ago, but we’ve just now learned their real name: Octolings!” Nintendo share through Splatoon’s official blog. “Like Inklings and their squid powers, these tricksters can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They apparently make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces. We’ve seen footage of them heavily armed with bombs and ink guns, so don’t go messing around with these suckers unless you have to!”

They continue, “We’ve received new intel confirming that Octolings can appear in pairs or even larger teams from time to time. The thought of facing a solo Octoling makes me weak in the knees, so taking on two or more sounds like a one-way ticket to the danger zone! I had one of our undercover interns ask Cap’n Cuttlefish about this situation, and he said that back in the day, he took out a few Octoling squads by focusing his fire on one at a time. Seeing as he lived to tell this tale, sounds like some good advice!”

Splatoon will release exclusively for Wii U worldwide in May.

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