Nyko Reveal Dualies, The First Third-Party Joy-Con Alternative For Nintendo Switch

Nyko Dualies Nintendo Switch Photo

Nyko has revealed Dualies, the first third-party Joy-Con alternative for Nintendo Switch. With “accurate, multi-functional motion control and rumble feedback” helping to improve immersive gameplay experiences, the accessory manufacturer adds that they are “compatible with most titles” on the portable home console.

Priced at $49.99, the Dualies are larger and have more rounded edges when compared with Joy-Con. The hope is that this allows for improved grip and comfort when playing with the controllers sideways.

The Dualies can be recharged with the Type-C cable (with a 56K oHm resistor) that comes included, and, along with that, there are detachable thumb caps that allow you to customise the input precision in fine-tuning the Left and Right Stick’s length and size.

The Dualies for Nintendo Switch will be released this holiday priced at $49.99, and will soon become available to pre-order on Amazon.com.

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  1. A few issues:
    1. Since the controllers are not official Nintendo-licensed hardware, they can potentially become unusuable in a future firmware update.
    2. According to an Amazon review, they won’t stay synced with the Switch, you need to resync everytime you turn on the Switch.
    3. No NFC, no IR sensor. There’s rumble but is it HD Rumble?
    4. They don’t include a 2nd USB cable to charge both.

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