Northgard Out On Nintendo Switch This September

Northgard Screenshot

Shiro Games has announced that Northgard will release on Nintendo Switch this September.

Their Viking-themed strategy game is steeped in Norse mythology. It will place you in command of a Viking clan who must explore and settle new territories while fighting off magical foes such as dire wolves, undead warriors, giants, and dragons.

You must carefully manage resources, trade with rival clans, befriend or vanquish mythical creatures, and survive harsh winters, as you work to secure fame and fortune for your clan as you conquer unforgiving lands.

Northgard will come to Nintendo Switch with all the content that was in the original PC release, including the Relics and Ragnarox updates. That covers six clans, a lengthy campaign, co-operative and competitive online modes, ranked play, and more.

There’s also a new controller layout that the developer hopes “makes playing feel effortless,” with a new user interface created for the console experience.

Northgard will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 26th.

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