Nomura: “We plan to make all new Disney worlds” for Kingdom Hearts 3DS

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More Kingdom Hearts related rumblings have appeared, courtesy of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

Having spoken to game and character designer Tetsuya Nomura, the magazine questioned as to whether players would see the same worlds seen previously within the series.

“No,” Nomura responded, “except for original worlds and Traverse Town. We plan to make all new Disney worlds,” although he explained that the development team is still currently deciding which to select for the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS is definitely set to feature both Sora and Riku as the main characters, with Nomura commenting that he is striving to ensure that he can differ the gameplay for the two Keyblade bearers.

In regards to early screenshots released at E3 depicting the two characters as children, Nomura explained “That’s still a secret” as to the reasons why and that having the characters return as children is to play an essential part of the game’s story.

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