Nobuo Uematsu revealed as composer for The Last Story


It has been revealed within the latest Iwata Asks that renowned videogame composer Nobuo Uematsu has composed the music for Mistwalker Studio’s upcoming Wii exclusive, The Last Story.

Within the discussion, game director Hironobu Sakaguchi and Uematsu spend much of their time reminiscing about the past, yet a nugget of information is that Uematsu has composed a total of 40 tracks for the game.

Whilst such an announcement is to be received positively by fans of Uematsu’s work, such news, perhaps, isn’t so surprising. Uematsu has worked extensively with Sakaguchi throughout their time together with Square Enix’s ever popular Final Fantasy series, and more recently on Sakaguchi’s Xbox 360 projects with Mistwalker, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

The Last Story is set to release exclusively for Wii across Japan on January 27th 2011, with no word on a Western release.

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