“No Plans” For Nintendo Switch Price Hike

Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa Photo

Nintendo has reiterated that it has “no plans” to raise the recommended retail price for Nintendo Switch around the world.

The comment came in response to a shareholder question, who had asked whether the company would be considered given the depreciation of the yen.

“Currently, there are no plans to raise the price of our hardware,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed at the company’s six months financial results briefing. “However, the yen has depreciated at an unexpected level for a long duration, so we will carefully consider as we monitor the situation going forward. It is true that for Japan in particular, hardware profitability has decreased due to the prolonged depreciation of the yen.

“How we view the effects of inflation and other factors remains unchanged. While we believe there is currently no major impact, we will continue to monitor various factors of our product sales.”

Earlier this year, Furukawa had expressed a desire to “want to avoid pricing people out” and that importance that the portable home console’s pricing remained competitive against other products that consumers turn to for their entertainment.

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