NIS America predict Nintendo 3DS to “fade out” in the next three years


Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS may have helped spur Nintendo’s handheld business, but NIS America CEO and president Takuro Yamashita has predicted that it will “fade out in the next two to three years” in the west.

He reasoned that it made sense that publishers that transition from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the industry isn’t at a point where they should step away from dedicated handheld devices.

“Generally speaking about the West, I think the right time has come for major game publishers to shift their line-ups to PS4 and Xbox One,” Yamashita discussed with MCV. “Talking about the handheld devices in the West, PlayStation Vita and 3DS will fade out in the next two to three years.”

Yamashita even reasoned that with third-party publishers so heavily focused on developing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it presented a unique opportunity for smaller publishers to score a hit on handheld.

“There is still a chance for Vita or 3DS games in the West,” he shared. “I bet you that the small publishers can benefit without having strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS.”

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