Nippon Ichi Software Praise Ease In Porting From PlayStation 4 To Nintendo Switch


Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa has praised how easy it has been for the developer to port Disgaea 5 Complete from PlayStation 4 to Nintendo Switch.

When asked by Famitsu whether it had been a smooth process, Niikawa explained that the team had no issues with the hardware and no downgrades had been necessary to make it run on the console.

As a PlayStation 4 exclusive originally, Disgaea 5 had been playable on PlayStation Vita by using Remote Play. Niikawa admitted that they had heard requests to port it to the handheld, but, when they looked into doing so, it would have required downgrades to have been made.

He explained that Disgaea 5 Complete was chosen as their debut title on Nintendo Switch, as it would have been a challenge to develop something completely new in time for launch. With Disgaea being such a key IP for them, they decided that it would be the best decision.

Niikawa hopes that the Nintendo Switch version will be seen as meeting such demand, and promised that the publisher had wider plans to bring more games to the console.

Disgaea 5 Complete will release as a physical and digital release in Europe and North America in Spring 2017.

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