Nintendo’s share prices climb 5.6 per cent following Wii U profits

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Nintendo’s share prices have climbed 5.6 per cent following news of the Wii U sales throughout the Christmas season, Bloomberg reports.

The market was encouraged by news that Nintendo’s new console is outpacing profits generated by the Wii, even though its predecessor had sold more units by the same point in its lifecycle.

Nintendo of America confirmed that they are nearing 890,000 unit sales, which generated revenue of $300 million. By comparison, the Wii gathered $270 million for the company across North America within the same period following launch.

Nintendo’s global president Satoru Iwata recently stated that the Wii U was “selling steadily” at retail.

“The U.S. sales report prompted investors to jump on Nintendo, the gain may be short-lived unless it can sustain sales momentum,” comments Tokai Tokyo Securities market analyst Makoto Sengoku.

Such momentum will hopefully be delivered through the console’s early 2013 release schedule, which includes exclusives such as Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, LEGO City: Undercover and Pikmin 3, as well as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Need for Speed Most Wanted.

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