Nintendo Will “Greatly Reduce” Wii U Production As Console Forecast Slashed

satoru iwata wii u gamepad

It has been a month since Nikkei reported that Wii U production would come to an end in 2016, which Nintendo swiftly moved to downplay.

But now, at the company’s financial results briefing this week, president Tatsumi Kimishima has offered more clarity on their plans. That will see them “greatly reduce” the number of Wii U systems that are produced this fiscal year, a decision that has been made to reflect Nintendo NX launching globally in March 2017.

That sees Nintendo expect to ship 800,000 units in the current fiscal year, which is a dramatic, if expected, fall from the 3.4 million units anticipated in the past fiscal year.

“Next, I would like to discuss our strategy for production and shipping of Wii U in the fiscal year ending March 2017,” Kimishima began in his explanation to investors. “We plan to greatly reduce the amount of Wii U systems produced and shipped for the fiscal year ending March 2017, compared to the fiscal year ended March 2016. Taking into consideration demand for the new NX hardware and overall demand forecasts, we plan to ship 800,000 units.”

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