Nintendo Universe relaunches as Nintendo Insider

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Nintendo Universe leaves its intergalactic domain behind, having today relaunched and settled itself on new grounds as Nintendo Insider.

Demonstrating renewed commitment toward providing extensive, timely coverage of everything Nintendo, such a change has proved a necessity in further expanding the website’s global audience reach – moving away from a regrettably limitive address to that of a .com URL.

So, what else has changed? Well not that much, but we’ll fill you in.

Firstly, you may have been wondering where our coverage from E3 2012 has been. We’re still beavering away at the magazine that we previously announced, and are pleased to confirm that we are now planning to launch this next week.

I apologise for the delay, but it’s proved to be far more of a ‘bumper’ issue than we had anticipated. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading through it all!

One area in which I’ve been eager to build upon is editorial. Sharing our thoughts in regards to the recent developments in relation to Nintendo would surely be of interest, and this is certainly something that you will see soon begin to emerge on the site.

I plan to begin weekly opinion pieces, and welcome reader involvement with this. If you’re interested, do feel free to contact me.

review scoringFrom this point moving forward, we will now be adopting a percentage based scoring system (see right) for our reviews, but further expanded by detailing parameters including Graphics, Gameplay, Sound and Value.

Could a game be particularly fun to play, but let down by longevity or uninspired visuals? We want to be more transparent in terms of our overall score, and hopefully this will similarly enable our readers to understand our decisions.

Similarly I’m more eager to hear your comments, and the new design introduces the ability to now share your thoughts through your Facebook profile as well as how you could previously. Hopefully you’ll find it beneficial!

So, a new name and look, but everything below decks remains the same.

I also have plans underway in regards to further expansion once the Wii U arrives later this year, but that will be shared for another time.

I’d like to thank our readers for their continued support, and look forward to sharing our ongoing journey with you.

Kind regards,

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