Nintendo UK partner with E4 for Mario Kart 8 promotion


Those across the United Kingdom that play Mario Kart 8 and upload highlight reels of their victories will have the unique chance to see them broadcast to the nation.

That’s due to a partnership between Nintendo UK and E4 to promote the Wii U exclusive’s Mario Kart TV feature, with those looking to participate in the competition being required to upload their race highlights to either Miiverse or YouTube between Friday 30th May – Monday 2nd June 2014. Players must then enter their details on the E4 Nintendo competititon page to be considered, with five winners to receive a real-life Mario Kart cup and see their reels broadcast each evening between Monday 2nd June – Friday 6th June 2014 at approximately 8.10pm.

Such opportunity will be promoted through ad spots running on E4 between Friday 23rd May – Sunday 1st June 2014, with the chance for viewers to win a Wii U.

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