Nintendo UK Manager becomes Chairman for Edinburgh Interactive

Organisers of the annual Edinburgh Interactive have today announced that David Yarnton, General Manager for Nintendo UK, has become Chairman for the event.

“Britain has always celebrated diversity in creativity and culture; The Edinburgh Festival is recognised the world over as a melting pot of creativity and fun with people travelling from all corners of the globe to be inspired by the free thought that flourishes in the Scottish Capital,” Yarnton comments. “Edinburgh Interactive is proud to hold true to the traditions and philosophies of what Edinburgh is all about, to encourage the discussion and exploration of Interactive Entertainment in a more Cultural and Philosophical environment whilst celebrating our development as a contemporary, modern and creative industry.”

He continues, “It has been the perfect backdrop for the discussion and exploration of new ideas and partnerships in games and a unique landscape which positions games as much a part of the Arts as film, television, theatre, comedy and the irreverence of the Fringe.”

Edinburgh Interactive delivers a lively schedule from a wide range of industry sectors including games, social networking, mobile entertainment, education, music, film and television. It also plays host to the popular Games Screening programme.

“Edinburgh Interactive is a valuable industry asset but it can of course do more and should be constantly evolving,” Yarnton closes. “I have always been a strong supporter of Edinburgh Interactive as it is a truly bi-partisan event that celebrates all the diversity that is good with our industry and leaves egos at the door. It is an honour to take on the role of Chairman as I have been left a great legacy of involvement and commitment from Chris Deering who is still thankfully an active supporter.”

Edinburgh Interactive 2011 is due to take place between August 11th/ 12th 2011.

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