Nintendo Trademark Elite Beat Agents, Disaster: Day Of Crisis And More

Elite Beat Agents Artwork

Nintendo has filed several more trademarks in Japan, covering games from across the company’s history – whether that be NES, Wii, Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch.

Japanese Nintendo reports that those are Disaster: Day of Crisis, Elite Beat Agents, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Mario Bros., Rhythm Heaven, Super Mario and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Whether the company has any plans to reuse the IP is unclear – whether that be Monolith Soft’s apocalyptic survival game Disaster: Day of Crisis or cult hit rhythm-action game Elite Beat Agents, which had challenged players to tap the screen, trace rhythmic patterns and keep the beat.

We know that Kirby’s Epic Yarn will return as Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn on Nintendo 3DS, Mario Bros. is part of the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, while Yoshi’s Crafted World will release on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.

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  1. A bit late in a response to this old article, but this probably had to do with their Spirit inclusions for Smash Ultimate looking at the game. (Raymond Bryce from Disaster: Day of Crisis and Elite Beat Agents/Divas as the most most unusual out of the bunch of trademarks)

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