Nintendo to host pre-E3 Nintendo Direct presentation today

nintendo direct wii u

Nintendo have announced that they are to hold a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, in which global president Satoru Iwata will share new information about the Wii U.

It is unclear as to what will be shared within this latest pre-recorded broadcast, but with Ubisoft set to demonstrate Wii U software during their press conference on Monday it could be the long awaited details regarding the system’s architecture and final design.

The various timing’s that it is due to be held are as follows:
* Japan – 07:00 June 4th
* Australia – 08:00 June 4th
* US (East Coast) – 18:00 June 3rd
* US (West Coast) – 15:00 – June 3rd
* Europe – 23:00 (GMT) 24:00 (CET) June 3rd

You can view the presentation once it’s live through this link.

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