Nintendo titles ‘definitely encourage children to learn,’ teacher states


Dawn Hallybone, a teacher at Oakdale Junior School in Essex, England, has praised the way that the Nintendo DS “encourages children to learn,” having actively used games such as ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain’ to assist her teaching within the classroom.

The school was also granted a number of Wii consoles, with which they used Mario & Sonic at the Olympics to promote exercise, Another Code R to develop literacy skills and challenged pupils to write commentaries for Mario Kart races.

Previously, Hallybone was the winning recipient of the Handheld Learning Award 2009, for her work in encouraging educational work through the handheld.

“It engages and enhances learning,” she said. “I’m a teacher at Oakdale Junior School, and it’s the best job in the world. I get enthused when I see them learning, and talking to them about their learning. When I brought the box of DS’ into the hall for the first time, the hall almost erupted. Using games definitely encourages children to learn because they don’t realise they’re learning. They think they’re playing a game.”

In closing, Hallybone explained “They said the learning was in their hands, which I really liked and I just thought that summed up the use of the DS in the classroom.”

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