Nintendo Switch Reels In Ultimate Fishing Simulator In Q1 2019

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Key Art

Ultimate Games and Bit Golem have announced that Ultimate Fishing Simulator will release on Nintendo Switch, letting you catch several dozen types of fish on the portable home console.

With seven fisheries base on real-life locations and two winter season fisheries, photorealistic water and a dynamic weather change system promise to help the experience feel all the more authentic.

You will have the chance to use different fishing techniques – like spinning, bottom or fly methods – whether that be when sea ​​or ice fishing.

And, with yachts and motorboats to set sail on, a skill development system and trophy room will necessitate honing your abilities.

“In the next coming months, we will focus on converting Ultimate Fishing Simulator for consoles, obviously taking into account the specificity of individual platforms, to offer console players the highest possible quality,” explains Ultimate Games project manager Rafał Jelonek.

“At the same time, we are working on paid add-ons that will also be available on consoles. The first of these is an add-on introducing a whole new fishery and additional species of fish – we are planning the premiere of this DLC on the Steam platform to end 2018. In total, there will be five different add-ons that will be released every quarter.”

Ultimate Fishing Simulator will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2019.

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