Nintendo Switch Price Drop And Successor Not Under Consideration

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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has spoken about Nintendo Switch and the continued success that the portable home console continues to be met with around the world.

That saw him once again acknowledge that the company’s goal to sell 20 million units this fiscal year was “very high,” but a target that they believe is worth chasing.

Interestingly, he also chose to indicate that there are no plans for a Nintendo Switch price drop and that they have not started to consider a successor to the portable home console.

“The goal to have [Nintendo] Switch sell 20 million units yearly is very high; it’s a number worth reaching. We’re maintaining that goal,” Furukawa explained to The Sankei News (thanks to BlackKite for the translation).

“The main point of our current sales is the Switch. Right now we are not thinking of a successor console nor a price drop.”

Nintendo Switch was launched worldwide on 3rd March 2017, and, as of 30th September 2018, has sold 22.86 million consoles and 111.10 million copies of first-party games.

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